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Pigtail SC - OEPATCH™

OEPATCH™ SC Pigtail is produced in according to the latest standards, and with the latest generation of test and production tools. 
100% tested, both visually, for RL (reflection) and IL (attenuation).

  • Stable and high quality

  • Visual inspection with 600x magnification of 100% of connectors

  • Control of the connector Geometry, Radius, Fibre height, Apex Offset, Ferrule and Fibre end

  • Meets the requirements of TR-NWT-000326 current load laterally.

  • The contacts are color coded IEC 60874-19 
    Beige for MM, Blue for SM and Green for APC

  • Produktion certifierad ISO9001:2002 och ISO14001:2004

  • RoHS 2002/95/ES  

Dimensions and characteristics

Standards IEC 61754-20, Telcordia GR-326, EN 50173-1:2002

Threshold IL (dB) : SPC <0,3 : UPC <0,3 : APC <0,3 : MM <0,3

Typical value IL (dB) : SPC 0,15 : UPC 0,12 : APC 0,15 : MM 0,14

Threshold RL (dB) : SPC >45 : UPC >50 : APC >60 : MM -

Typical value RL (dB) : SPC 49 : UPC 53 : APC 62 : MM -

Ordering Information

OES6XX01111M5GY  Pigtail SC MM 62,5/125/900 (OM1) Tight buffer 1,5M Gray LS0H 

OES5XX01111M5OR  Pigtail SC MM 50/125/900 (OM2) Tight buffer 1,5M Orange LS0H 

OES3XX01111M5AQ  Pigtail SC MM 50/125/900 (OM3) Tight buffer 1,5M Ljusblå LS0H 

OESUXX01111M5BU  Pigtail SC/UPC SM 9/125/900 (OS1) Tight buffer 1,5M Blue LS0H 

OESAXX01111M5BU  Pigtail SC/APC SM 9/125/900 (OS1) Tight buffer 1,5M Blue LS0H 

OESUBX01111M0WI  Pigtail SC/UPC SM 9/125/900 G657A Tight buffer 1,0M White LS0H

Other lengths / variations can be supplied on request.

Pigtail SC, DS-OE-00023_1 EN Rev A: Text
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