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Adapter LC - OEPATCH™

DS-OE-00004_1 EN Rev A, Adapter LC.tiff

• DPX and Quad
• High quality Zr(Zirconia) sleeve SM
• High quality PhBr(Phosphor Bronze) sleeve MM
• Duplex for SC SPX
• Quad for SC DPX
• Panel clips for simple installation
• Available in a wide selection of colors
• RoHS compliant

Adapter SC - OEPATCH™

DS-OE-00007_1 EN Rev A, Adapter SC.tiff

• SPX and DPX
• Panel clips for an easy installation
• Available in a wide selection of colors
• High Quality Zr(Zirconia) sleeve SM
• High Quality PhBr(Phosphor Bronze) sleeve MM and SM
• RoHS compliant

Attenuator LC - OEPATCH™

Attenuator LC_UPC.jpg

• Stable and high quality
• SM and MM
• Metal-ion doped fiber
• Low PDL
• Regardless of wavelength (xWDM compatible)
• Tolerate high power
• UPC and APC polishing
• Attenuation range from 1dB to 30dB
• 100% Control of the ferrule geometry, radius, fibre height, Apex offset, Ferrule and Fibre end.
• 100% visual inspection med 800x enlarge after polishing, before mounting and before delivery.
• Minimum 500 connect/disconnecting

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